Natural Rock & Stonework

Natural stone and rock can turn any outdoor living space into a beautiful oasis. Many Pacific Northwest home owners prefer an elegant, classic and natural look that never goes out of style. That's what natural stone and rock provides.

Decorative Boulders

The use of natural boulders is one of the most appealing additions you can add to your landscape design. We make a concentrated effort to use boulders that are native to Portland and the Pacific Northwest in order to maintain a natural / rustic look that blends in well with the surroundings.

Boulders can be functional as well as aesthetic. We often use them to anchor lawns and planting beds, helping to relieve erosion while simultaneously providing regional authenticity.

Custom Stone / Rock Walls

Custom stone or rock walls help create a refined division between the different spaces of your landscape design. Many designs use these walls to border the property, create visual interest by changing elevations, or to simply highlight a certain area such as a garden or firepit.

Retaining Walls

Slopping front or back yards often pose a challenge with regards to landscaping. Retaining walls can be used in these situations to hold soil back, prevent erosion and keep the roots of plantings unscathed. Designing and building these retaining walls from natural stone and rock takes time and craftsmanship, but the ends results are stunning. They'll also last a very long time.

Patios & Walkways

A patio or walkway made of natural stone can be a functional and gorgeous addition to your landscape design.Stone patios and walkways are not only visually stunning, but are durable material for functional spaces in your landscape. Connecting your outdoor spaces with natural stone often provides a more seamless, natural look that many people find appealing.

It's easy to create distinctive walkways or patios that reflect your specific tastes and style preferences. There are a large amount of colors and varieties of stone to choose from, and, if properly placed, they may last for generations.

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