Lawns & Softscapes

A Canvas of Living Beauty

Softscapes are live elements of landscaping, or the horticultural features of landscape design. It all about the plants, trees and grass and flower beds - and of course, everyone's favorite: lawns.

Sod & Seeded Lawns

A vibrant, lush, green lawn is what most home owner's dream of when it comes to landscaping. Sod is a favorite as it provides an instant / immaculate green lawn. If you want a beautiful lawn immediately without having to wait for seed to take root and grow, sod is the perfect solution for you. The grass is grown by experts and delivered to the house in perfect condition.

Growing a healthy, green lawn from seed won’t happen overnight. Seeding your lawn is typically less expensive than laying sod, however, a newly seeded lawn needs long-term care. It takes time for a newly-seeded lawn to develop into a dense stand of turf grass, and it requires plenty of attention.

Whether you choose seed or sod, we take great care in first amending and preparing your topsoil, which is key to getting a healthy lawn. We've found using and organic mix with existing soil is the key to long term lawn success.

Synthetic Lawns

One of the largest drawbacks of natural lawns is the time and money required to maintain them. Synthetic turf is becoming and increasingly popular option among homeowners for precisely those reasons: it provides the green look of real grass with virtually no maintenance. A vibrant green lawn year 'round and the cost savings associated with synthetic turf make it a very appealing option, even here in the Pacific Northwest.

Trees & Shrubs

There are a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and a range of ground cover can be used to enhance a yard or some other type of landscape. They can create visually appealing outdoor environments and be aesthetically pleasing in landscape design. Tryon Creek Landscape selects the species of trees and shrubs that are native to the Pacific Northwest in order to ensure that they will flourish.

Landscape Plantings

We carefully select and plant individual softscape elements that put the finishing touches on your landscape design. We excel at creating the harmonious result of planned beauty, and consider the long term and regional factors that will help your plantings thrive for years to come. Tryon Creek Landscape uses only highest quality nurseries and growers in the Portland area, and can help recommend specific species based on your unique project circumstances.

Bring your landscape vision to life.

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