Cascadia Garden

We completely transformed this landscape from what was a tired lawn to an interactive / formal English style edible garden. We added to the existing brick walls with brick found onsite, and also used the same brick to build on concrete slab walkways, which helps further define the planting beds. Architectural paths of crushed granite create a color contrast while also adding to the overall design of the space.

As with any successful vegetable garden, we focused intently on amending the soil at the outset. This is key for any project that involves the planting of softscapes, edible or otherwise. The vegetable garden utilizes Boxwoods, herbs and perennials, Rosemary, Artichokes. It's connected by old world brick pathways, retaining walls and edging and features an eco friendly drip irrigation system. Upon seeing this garden at the peak of the growing season, the time and effort we spent on the soil amendment really showed and proved to be worth all the extra effort and attention to detail.

  • Category: Residential
  • Location: Southwest Hills / SW Portland, Oregon